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Icarus by Jaurim

A new song, a new group I discovered from watching MAMA 2013. I only caught it today since this was the only day in the week when I don’t have to wake up this early for the workshop. It can be considered the opening act of MAMA 2013 I suppose. Or rather a remix version for MAMA was. Despite the poor sound system of the show, the music, and the powerful voice of the vocalist was enough for me to research more about this group. I found this live version to be the better version and hence I’m sharing this here. Enjoy!


Near Misses

Had two near misses today after a tiring morning volunteering at a children’s home. The children were unwilling to open up to us, having seen many volunteers come and go. They walked out on us and refused to settle down to pay attention to the activities we prepared. We had to cut our three hours’ worth of activities to an hour’s worth of activities because of the time it took to settle the children down and last-minute changes in plans. I suppose their refusal to open up is largely due to the lack of constancy in their lives, having been left at the home because their parents were not able to take care of them. There is also unlikely any constancy from the volunteers. From what the children say, volunteers seemed to come and go for once-off events like the one we are conducting. Poor children.

After having lunch with our group, a friend offered to drive me another group member home. Had a near miss on PIE near the Bukit Timah exit. We had been happily chatting when we were rear-ended by a van behind. There was a loud bang and I felt myself jerking forward. I think the impact I felt was the biggest, since I was sitting at the back of the car. It was really scary. I saw my friend got out of her car and talked to the aunty who was driving the van. Apparently she only asked for $100 from the aunty and was in fact trying to reassure the aunty. I was rather amazed. She then told us later that she knew how much the aunty could have lost if she pursued the matter since her mother also drives a van and sometimes loses half her income in accidents like this. Hence, she was able to sympathise with the aunty I wondered if I would be able to do that.

I was so tired at the end of it that I fell asleep soon after I reached home. It was only when I was preparing to go for my Korean language lessons that I realised that I had lost my wallet. But apparently, I found out later in the night that I had left it in my friend’s car. It was probably the shock of having been rear-ended that caused me to release my hold on my wallet and forget completely about it. I thought that I had left it behind at Serangoon Gardens Market and Food Centre since I had a feeling when I was there that I would misplace it. And I made a police report. And cancelled my debit card. Soo much paperwork to do. Nevertheless, I am glad I got my wallet back since it is a birthday-cum-graduation gift from my dear mama.


全球变暖 Global Warming


I am not exactly a very literary person, but was inspire to write? draw? create this new style of graphic Chinese poem as opposed to ancient poem after a four-day creative workshop/camp back in June 2007. Submitted this to my teacher as part of the homework after the camp. She was amazed at how daring I was to try my hand at writing this. Found this when tidying my files and decided to post this. :)



What I learned from my Lost (temporary) Laptop

I misplaced my laptop yesterday, having left it next to the photocopier in school. Somehow, when I left home for school with it yesterday, I knew I would somehow misplace it. And I did.

Luckily for me, I got it back this morning and is currently typing this post on it. Went to the lost-and-found counter in the student service centre and got it back. Mind, the staff were amazed and bemused at how I could had left my laptop behind, given that it is so bulky. It is precisely because it is so bulky that I misplaced it, since I have to leave it leaning against the copier to leave my hands free for working the machine. I should really get a backpack large enough for me to carry the laptop, or I should really get a chromebook. That would certainly be light enough for me to carry around in all my bags.

One lesson learned: For a careless and scattered person like me, I need to change either my bag or my laptop.

However, that’s not all I learned. I realised how sweet two of my friends were. While I was not too worried about not getting it back – I somehow always have the belief that I will be able to get whatever I misplaced back – two of my friends were worried for me. They had each sent me a message, telling me not to worry and assuring me that I would get it back.

I’m so going to save the two messages from my two dear friends, and write them down somewhere, on a post-it maybe and save it in a scrapbook. :)


Should I just stay home?

I’m just soooooo tired of being accosted by persistent and annoying sales people that I’m contemplating not stepping out of my home at all. Crowded places in town, train stations, shopping malls and bus interchanges, you see them everywhere, selling insurance, discount coupons, vouchers – eek! I hate it when they come up to you and ask you to do a survey, when in reality, it is just a ruse to get your personal information and convince you that you are not healthy enough or you need to save more. They even set up booths near the school canteen and accost you when you are having lunch! I had the worse experience today, just stepped out of the cafe and saw one. Even when I told the person I was going to the washroom, she followed me and told me she’ll wait for me! Can’t these people take a polite hint and leave me alone and not to waste either my time or their time? Should I just tell them NO in the face? Or maybe I should give them a lecture about giving people space and not wasting precious time?