A new step into a new year

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve last posted. I have been busy with planning for my 11-day trip to Taiwan, the actual trip and the rest after the trip. It is now time for new year resolutions and all, not that I have made any. Oops. But I feel like I am moving forward, at least in terms of taking charge of my finances. It has been six months since I have graduated and started my job, and in the past two months, I have finally taken stock of what I have and what I need to do. Thank goodness. If I haven’t started , I wouldn’t have realised how dire and how tight my budget is. And I have to replace  many things before the new year start, so I can start the new year on a clean slate. There goes my bonus. :(

And so I’ve started on searching online for stationery for budget planning, expense tracking etc etc. I have to pay for the pretty ones on Etsy. Yet I do not actually need all of them in the package. Hence my solution: to create my own set and customise them for my needs. Then I realised that its a waste of paper, especially when I can do them on Excel. But its not like I switch on the computer everyday to keep track… And there I go round and round in cirlces. Whatever it is, I’m still designing them. To print or not to print, that is a question for later.